‘LORE’ embraces our inner kaleidoscope of moods, shifting between light and darkness. Through lyrical stories it imagines how the natural world reflects who we are, deep down underneath. The twelve songs traverse a year in my life and are inspired by the Celtic seasons of Bealtaine (growth) and Samhain (return to earth).

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‘LORE  Bealtaine’
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‘Old Merlaine’ A trip beneath the blue black waves of the sea
‘The Opposite of Love’ A loreli inspired love song about the dark rivers of melancholy
‘Chrysalis’ A reflection on life after death through the prism of the life cycle of the butterfly
‘Butterfly’ A happy sad jazzy track about the everlasting nature of love
‘Indigo Sky’ A trip down memory lane to shady green places and rivers flowing by
‘Arabia’ A dream sequence following wild horses racing towards a city of stars


‘LORE Samhain’
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‘Ballad of Falling Snow’ A woman waits for an age by the river for her lover to return from the war
A song about October’s turning
‘In November’ A whirligig spell song willing a clandestine love
‘A Broken Rhyme’ A gothic tale of romance in the shadow of the dark woods
‘The Silent King’ A tale of Winter who fell in love with an angel who in turn fell in love with Spring
‘Sparrow’ A song about letting go and learning how to fly

Both ‘LORE Bealtaine’ & LORE Samhain’
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